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The Romani-translation will soon be available. 

Romaniteams gather players at different levels in the Swedish boxing with Roman backgrounds; boxers, coaches, leaders, organizers, functionaries, doctors, lawyers and competition leaders. Together we want to be a strong positive force in the development of the Swedish boxing scene and attract more young Romans to our activities. In our business we will highlight live events and events from the Roman-Swedish history and of course also turn the spotlights on to our everyday heroes.

We also arrange boxing-camps, events, provide lectures in swedish-romani history as well as helping beginners to find a boxing club near them. Welcome to contact us if you want to know more. 

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Romaniteams attend and have players represented at several major events such as King of the Ring and Golden Girl and are in the process of organizing their own in both Sweden and internationally. At King of the Ring, Nov 2018  our player Dino Martinovic lost his King title to Noah Nordby in the final after a foot injury. We congratulate Dino to an outstanding performance still!

Boxning clubs

We cooperate with the Stockholm-Gotland district’s 22 clubs as well as network with a variety of boxing clubs around Sweden. If you are interested in starting to train boxing with us, you can contact us and we will help you to the nearest club where you live. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any quiestions. 


Romaniteams organizes boxing camps where we besides boxing  learn about health and nutrition, exercise habits, leadership, and visits to local boxing clubs. We will arrange our own boxing-camp in Stockholm come spring 2019, we also collaborate and help bring boxers to Golden Girl boxing camp in west Sweden in August 2019.

Contact us directly at +46 (0) 70 716 95 30, info@romaniteams.com or write your message here.