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Romano nationalno djes

O romano nationalno djes si inkerdo pa intrego luma 8 aprilo. Kana sas o angluno romano kongresso ando London 8 aprilo ando 1971 bersh, pende e Förenta Nationerna (FN) ke kado djes site avel le romengo djes. Ando Svedo inkren kado djes te katar o 2001 bersh.

Kana kerdjilas o djes offecialno kerdjilas vi e romani flagga, ande flagga mashkaral si jek loli rota telal si o sino zeleno kodo representuli e mal taj opral si vuneto aj kodo si o cheri. E rom si aba ando svedo te 500 bersh, aj e romani chib si te katar 1999 bersh jek anda e 5 offecialnie minoritni chiba.

Lyssna nu // Listen

”At the first Roma World Conference in London in 1971 it was decided that April 8 th is to be the International Roma Day and it was agreed upon national anthem and flag. Now we are closing the circle with the introduction of own national teams.

Today, 14 countries are affiliated to conceive the national teams.”

On April 8 th we are getting together for a great kick-off of the Roma national teams!

The festivities start at 13.00 and finish at 17.00.
Address: Narva Boxing club, Frejgatan 32 A in Stockholm (T Odenplan).


Jan Ottosson – Supervisor AIBA and Johann "Rukeli" Trollmann Boxing Cup are launching the first composite Team Romani Fighters in September 2017 in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The goal of the Roma national teams is to set up a broad squad for the Olympics in 2032 in all branches. Today’s moderator is Micke Bohl – project leader.

Health, sports and education – Important Roma areas!


  • Sunita Memetovic – former World Champion in Karate
  • Jon Pettersson – Roma as part of the history
  • Thomas Borg, principal Deltaskolan in Haninge and SGBF
  • Elina Ottosson, -former Swedish champion in boxing.
  • Roma health coaches